Customer Testimonials

“We went through Vogt’s DIY Design Center. Vogt’s purchased flowers I picked out in bulk and then the Thursday before our wedding my husband and I and four family members went to the DIY Design center and put the flowers together. IT WAS AWESOME!!! I had so much fun putting the flowers together, they were way cheaper and fit into our budget nicely, and Pat who I worked with from there did a phenomenal job!!! She was so helpful when I went and picked out all the flowers, and every time I called to ask questions, and the day we designed them too! It was an awesome experience and we LOVED our flowers!!! I am so grateful!!”

“I cant say enough good things about vogts flowers DIY, i was able to get more flowers than I thought I could get because of their DIY center, and they were very professional.”

“Vogts was incredibly reasonable on their prices, and the flowers were amazing!!!! I would definitely recommend Vicki, she is such a beautiful person inside and out. You could not ask for a better person to help design everything foryour special day.”

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